Euroasia Industries operates with the most advanced machinery and production standards in place to efficiently complete small, medium, and large scale orders. Euroasia Industries provides our customers with a diverse selection of products that are created in accordance with the most advanced production standards.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Green Products
  • Clean Technologies

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an optimized facility. We are at the forefront of sustainability by using eco-friendly raw materials and processes such as ozone, laser, green chemicals, recycled water, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, organic cotton and sustainable viscose.

Happy Clients

Monthly Production Capacity


Hard Workers


Our Mission is dedicated to continuously enhancing and improving both its goods and its obligations to its employees. We work hard to deliver all of our items on schedule, while also improving their quality and value, in order to attain the highest levels of client satisfaction.


As a reputable and honest garment manufacturer we always stand behind the promises and work ethically and legally.


We exercise the highest levels of professionalism in our work & relationships. Garment Mantra committed to continuous improvement in our pursuit of excellence.


Our aspiration is to put creativity, innovation, technology and the driving force of business initiative of a prosperous and sustainable world.

Team Spirit

We have great individuals. But as a team, we can't be stopped. Together, we push to make a greater whole by leveraging team member's strengths and helping each other improve. We're one company, and one team.


Our vision is to satisfy customers by providing just the best, making use of top-notch systems, and using resources of the greatest calibre.

Our Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Syed Asad Ali

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Experienced CEO/Founder with a showed history of working in the textile business. Gifted in Negotiation , Textile Industry, Vital Preparation, Materials, and Attire. Solid business advancement proficiency.

Muhammad Adil

General Manager

Experience of more than 25 years, has worked with the top garment manufactures in the country, bringing all his expertise and experince on the table and adding immense value in our company.

Our Customers

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.